Pioneering the new standard of IDO platforms.

The only multi-chain IDO platform supporting new projects with an accelerator programme of pre IDO services for new projects, combined with an independent industry leading governance council, as well as a post IDO alliance support network to nurture and grow new blockchain projects.

The SkyLaunch mission is to create…

A true multi-chain IDO platform that goes beyond the initial capital raise by connecting passionate early-stage projects with the tools, finance and support network for long term success. Allowing investors early access, transparency and equality through expertise and technology.
SkyLaunch is setting a new standard for IDO launchpads. We not only create investment opportunities and funding for new projects, but we also support new early-stage projects with our incubator programme of specialist services accelerating them to be ready for an IDO.

We don’t stop there! Many new projects require expertise and assistance post IDO. The SkyLaunch Alliance programme is a network of specialist services that aligns the requirements of the successful IDO projects with the right tools, finance and partners assisting their growth for long term success.

We reduce the risks for investors by applying institutional levels of due diligence and an independent Governance Council, consisting of leading blockchain specialists, to review and vote on each project. This is combined with meaningful token allocations at price points normally reserved for institutional investors.

Key features of skylaunch…

Multi-Chain Platform

The multi-chain launchpad is built on top of major EVM compatible chains. The initial launch will be deployed on Ethereum, Polygon and Binance Side Chain. Other EVM chains will be announced shortly. In addition, SkyLaunch is aggressively integrating non-EVM chains creating a new standard of a low cost, scalable and environmentally friendly IDO ecosystem.

Pre IDO projects

Most launchpads only focus on the initial capital raise of new projects with quick returns. Sky Launch approach differs as we offer a full range of specialised services to new projects not ready for an IDO. Our services include technical product development, security, legal frameworks, finance, marketing and other bespoke resources required to prepare for an IDO and successful project launches.

Institutional Due Diligence & Council

SkyLaunch only offers credible investment ready opportunities to our community. Institutional levels of due diligence are applied to all new projects by internal analysts as well as external VC Funds against strict guidelines. Moreover, the SkyLaunch Governance Council, comprising of leading Blockchain specialists, independently assesses and votes on the final projects to be listed for IDO.



Post IDO Alliance programme

Most new projects need more than just capital in order to succeed. The SkyLaunch Alliance is a network of partners and mentors across the Blockchain ecosystem providing support services post IDO including: legal & licensing, market making, treasury management, exchange listings, secondary OTC swaps, marketing services and specialist industry advisors.

Investors tools

SkyLaunch utilises proprietary technology with the aim to address some of the frustrating issues experienced by retail investors. We operate a transparent on-chain Score Mining algorithm for fairer token allocations and reward investor behaviour. Furthermore, we have built a unique customisable auto-pilot feature to ensure investors never miss out on a new project opportunity.

SKYFI token

SKYFI holders will be able to vote on governance proposals (Dao protocol) as well as earn rewards from staking. This includes staking for IDO project tokens and Utility NFTs with guaranteed allocations. Token holders will also benefit from discounts on premium features including auto-pilot, OTC Swaps and money market (collateralised loans).

We are proud to announce partnerships with:

“The Synergia team has deep expertise in helping teams scale their Dapps and we are excited to see their launchpad being built on Polygon. This will help us scale out our ecosystem and also help teams get the right guidance in order to be successful.”

Anurag Arjun